Working with KMUTT.

ประกาศรับสมัคร (ลูกจ้างมหาวิทยาลัย/ ลูกจ้างโครงการ/ ลูกจ้างชั่วคราว)

Agency Position Detail Date
Knowledge Exchange (KX)

Lead Instructor 1 Position
Support Instructor 2 Positions

KX and Generation Thailand are seeking capable people to join our GenNX Model as Instructor Team to teach the curriculum designed by the Generation for a 12-15 weeks, full-day from Monday to Friday 9 AM – 5 PM, online/blended Junior Software Developer program. To be considered for the role, you should have a strong growth mindset. Patience, flexibility, and adaptability should be key strengths of yours.

Application Period: Now – 10 December 2022
Apply Now:
Contact us for more info:
Miss Thitiporn Marangsee
Mobile No.: +6687-518-6368

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