Student Entrepreneurship

Hatch: Experience The Journey of Entrepreneur

“We believe in young entrepreneurs”

Hatch is a training ground for aspiring entrepreneurs to think, do and scale up their dreams. We provide supportive environment where ideas can mingle, innovate, and scale up for a better impact to the society.


Honing skills and learning invaluable entrepreneur ideas and point of views from various master innovators from different fields who willingly share their extensive experience.


Organizing entrepreneurial activities to inspire students along with providing new knowledge, mentoring program, funding and resources for those who want to be their own boss to try out.


Providing opportunities for students to meet and connect with new friends, team members, target groups, consultants, and investors to further improve the viabilities of transforming initial innovative ideas into a business.

Our service

Incubation and acceleration

Offering the program that prepares those with passion to become entrepreneurs right from the idea conception to development of prototype and turn it into a real business.

Resources available to participants

initial capital, knowledge and advice from experts, working space

Co-creation boot camp

Ignite student mentees through various entrepreneurial activities with our partners in order to develop innovative ideas that meet the actual needs of users by undertaking firsthand activities in an extensive and short time frame.

Resources available to participants

knowledge, mentor, funding

Talk and Meetups

Learning from the experience of a wide variety of experts and speakers and sharing dreams and ideas.

Resources available to participants

knowledge from speakers, exchange of dreams and ideas from real experience, connection

Entrepreneur Clinic

One-on-One consultation with seasoned practitioners in business, industry and design to get the priceless guidance from the beginning concept to in-depth insights.

Resources available to participants

knowledge from experienced people, shared dreams and ideas with various fields of people, connection




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Open : 10:00 am. – 06:00 pm.

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