Why You Should Study Here

KMUTT is all about academic excellence and energetic research culture in science, engineering and design. Of course, classroom learning is only a means, but certainly not the end and that is why we foster a life-long learning approach into our innovative curriculum and learning environment. We stand as one of Thailand’s 9 research universities but we come first regarding research publications per capita. The endless efforts put together in KMUTT think-tank ensure our strengths in multidisciplinary academic programs.

KMUTT students’ common traits lie in their eagerness to make an impact to the society at large. Part of our science-based training is to instill acquisition of responsibilities onto generations to come.

KMUTT Education Reform

KMUTT Education Reform is a framework of future graduates focusing on competence development for the new era. Proposed to stimulate discussion and university-wide self-evaluation on learning quality and the values that need to be created and installed in the graduates of tomorrow, KMUTT Education Reform has been translated into enormous efforts from policy, process to its organisational management. This has allowed to form harmonised structures, processes and policies flexible enough to recognize and support such a transformation. The 3 core axes toward KMUTT Education Reform, People (P), Experience (X) and Support (S) forms a connected triangular frame to guide the way for a revolutionary era 3.0. Acting both as a rough guideline and framework for areas of actions required, the 3 axes help KMUTT focus on areas of activities that matter most for the long term success, encompassing as much flexibility as possible.

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