Supports for Students with Disabilities

Accessibility around the campus

Adhering to the United Nation’s Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals, KMUTT respects the notion of dignity of an individual person and equality among all. Thus, the university has created the university environment to be suitable for students and staff with disabilities to ensure that they will not encounter any difficulties during their stay at KMUTT. Facilities to support people with disabilities such as wheelchair ramps, disable toilet, parking access, elevators in all multi-floor buildings, can be found in every campus building.

Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

At KMUTT, there are many disability scholarships available, providing financial assistance for students with a physical, sensory or learning disability. Students with disabilities can contact for these financial supports at:

Non-degree Training Programs for People with Disabilities

In addition, KMUTT also works with related government agencies and private sectors in Thailand setting up a special Training non-degree Program – Internship non-degree Program to prepare people with disabilities to improve their knowledge and skills to enter the workplace. More information can be found at: This program has been successfully implemented for 7 consecutive years.