KMUTT Residential College (Ratchaburi Campus)

This is located in Ratchaburi province with total area of 460 acres. This site is highly suitable for teaching and learning, conducting research, providing academic services in the area, and disseminating knowledge about technology and arts. The campus can be developed into the country’s “Western Educational Park/Industrial Park”. A program in Information Technology has started since 1996.


Ratchaburi province (Chom Bueng Distric), is approximately 130 kilometres from Bangkok. It is located west of Bangkok and borders on Myanmar to the west having the Tanaosi Range as a borderline. Neighboring provinces are Kanchanaburi, Nakhon Pathom, Samut Sakhon, Samut Songkhram and Phetchaburi. The province is full of cultural heritage, historical sites, beautiful landscapes and natural attractions such as floating markets, famous temples, flower and fruit farms, hot springs, waterfalls and caves.

Phone : +66 2470 9962

KMUTT Residential College (Ratchaburi Campus)

Rang Bua, Chom Bueng, Ratchaburi 70150, Thailand

Tel : +66 3272 6520


  • Number 76 Get off at Ratchaburi town. And connecting the passenger bus Ratchaburi – Suan Phueng Or Ratchaburi – Pong Krating line Down to university
  • Number 76 Get off at Ratchaburi town. And connect to the public bus van Ratchaburi Line Suan Phueng (the car parked in the Market at the lawn) in front of the university
  • Chatpawai van Suan Phueng District Get off at Van Chan Chao Pier Bangchak gas station area Before reaching Big C Rama 2, get off at Chatpawai Market And connecting to the university.
  • Chom Bueng – Suan Phueng van Get off at Victory Monument Van Terminal Or Sanam Luang Van Terminal The car ran past the university.

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Inquire about directions Call Center tel. +66 2470 9965

Start at Rama 2 Road (Thon Buri – Pak Tho) heading to Wang Manao Intersection. Turn right to Ratchaburi. When reaching Ratchaburi province, turn left to Huai Phai Intersection. (Observe the symbol of a large dragon) or can turn left at the Chedi Intersection through Khao Ngu, Khao Flying Cave, passing Chom Bueng District And turn left towards the sanctuary of health Pass Wat Rang Bua To the university on the left hand side

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