National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) Scholarship

Registration Deadline: 30 June 2021

NTOU is offering 5 scholarships for the coming Fall semester (1 for Ph.D. degree, 4 for master’s degree).


  • GPA at least 2.7 or above
  • TOEIC 600 above (or equivalent)

Required Documents

  • Application Form
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Three “2-inch” frontal photos
  • Deposition
  • Research / Study Plan (in Chinese or English)
  • Copy of Graduation Certificate
  • Official Transcript
  • Health Certificate (after accepted)
  • Checklist
  • Cover letter introducing yourself and why you would like to apply for this program

All documents can be found in the Scholarship Program Application Package (P. 13 onwards)

Application Process

  1. Read the Scholarship Program Application Package carefully and prepare all required documents.
  2. Submit all documents through your faculty/department and the faculty/department shall forward documents to the International Affairs of KMUTT along with a recommendation letter. (Submit a copy/scan of the documents to
  3. Apply for Scholarship
    • Documents of qualified students will be recommended to NTOU for application to scholarship and admission to department.
  4. Admission to selected department.
    • NTOU will forward the application forms to each corresponding departments scholarship program for the admission meetings. (Students have to fill the priorities of the departments).
    • Admission and scholarship certificate issued.
  5. The VISA and Entry Affairs.
    • NTOU will assist students for the admin process.

Registration Deadline: 30 June 2021

By applying to the program, the International Affairs Office holds the right to assume that the participant is willing to to comply according to the terms and conditions of the program

Students must apply this program through the International Affairs Office only to be eligible

The International Affairs Office reserve the right to make any changes to the terms and conditions of the program without informing participants in advance.