Research and Innovation Department Faculty of Science together with RIPO KMUTT organized a training project on drafting a patent application EP4: Drafting a patent application. “Professional Edition”

On Saturday, May 11, 2024, Research and Innovation Department Faculty of Science in collaboration with Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Research, Innovation and Partnerships Office (RIPO), King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi Has organized a continuation project under the training program on drafting patent applications. This is the 4th time in the topic EP4: Draft Patent Application. “Professional Edition” at SIC Room 213-214, Science Equipment Center Building Faculty of Science From the previous training in EP1-EP3, the training will be to prepare teachers and researchers to have basic knowledge and understanding about drafting patent/petty patent applications correctly, including providing knowledge. Basics about drafting claims for various types of works. After that, it will be brought to training in EP4 for teachers and researchers who have inventions and innovations that are ready to submit patents. There were a total of 9 participating works, with 8 works from the Faculty of Science, such as works regarding copyrights. Inventions and research products Production process Innovative functional food recipes and product design, etc. After completing the training, all participants will have complete and accurate claims and the essence of the invention in their own work. To be used in the next application for registration of an invention patent or petty patent.

In organizing this project, the Faculty of Science was honored by intellectual property experts. From the Intellectual Property Event, RIPO KMUTT, came as a lecturer to provide knowledge and advice closely. and received honor from Deputy Dean for Research, Innovation and Collaboration Giving souvenirs to the speakers and closing the training

In this regard, the Research and Innovation Department Faculty of Science Thank you for the grant from Thailand Science Research and Innovation, a grant to support science. Research and Innovation, fiscal year 2023, under the project code FRB660073/0164 This is the source of funds that supports network building activities this time.