Faculty of Science and Faculty of Education, KMUTT join forces with private companies. Organize a training project and competition in dimensional measurement skills with 4.0 technology, year 2, year 2023, for high school and vocational students.

On Saturday, October 28, 2023, the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Industrial Education and Technology, KMUTT, organized a practical training session on “Skills for precise dimensional measurement with digital calipers.” digital micrometer and digital indicators “Wireless transmission” for teachers, secondary and vocational students. There were 60 people who made it to the final round under the Smart Metrology Training and Competition 2023 or SMTC 2023 project, which was held for the second year with support from MSA Solutions Company Limited and Mahr S.E.A Co., Ltd.

And on Sunday, October 29, 2023, the final competition was held. There were 20 teams selected to enter the final round from 269 teams, which were honored by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tula Jutarosaga, Dean of the Faculty of Science. Presided over the presentation of awards to the winning teams. The Faculty of Science executive team and Dr. Monruedee Renusawat, Managing Director of MSA Solution Company Limited, joined in presenting the award plaque. diploma and the total prize money is worth 70,000 baht

In this regard, students who have passed to the finals at the secondary school level will receive a quota for admission to the Bachelor of Science program Department of Industrial Physics Department of Physics, Materials and Medical Devices and the field of theoretical physics and data analysis. Department of Physics Faculty of Science as well