Get to know “Nae Singhadit Chantarak”, the young and energetic CEO of iCube, an alumnus of INC.

Prepare to enter Digital Transformation, listen to the views and ideas of the new generation of Tech in an interview with “Mr. Singhadit Chantarak”, a former student of KMUTT who founded ICUBE Co., Ltd. with the Plant Information Management System service. , PIMS with a cool platform idea that will help solve factory management problems. Make work more efficient

Introduce your senior

Mr. Singhadit Chantarak or Nae

Graduated from Faculty of Engineering, Department of Control System and Instrumentationg, INC22 class

Currently, he is CEO and Co-Founder of a startup company in Manufacturing Tech named iCube Co., Ltd.

Tell us about your life while studying at KMUTT.

While studying at KMUTT, I received many opportunities from professors working with the industrial sector.

Got the opportunity to work since Year 3 on many projects, giving me real work experience.

and quite understand the needs of the industrial sector More than that, it makes us see some opportunities.

that we can continue to develop in the future


It is what makes us different and give us more opportunities than others.

How can what you have learned from KMUTT be used in your work?

The knowledge received from KMUTT is divided into two main parts.

In the first part, knowledge in the classroom This section has been used quite a lot. Because of the current work that is being done

It’s like taking all of the knowledge of the sector and applying it to almost everything.

And in the second part Knowledge outside the classroom Received the opportunity from the teacher to help and work with

The actual industrial sector, this part is very important, is the part that allows us to see opportunities to expand.

In working a lot.

Everything is an experience 

that we have gone to study and find ourselves Do we like this thing? Even though in what we do It will be something that you are not good at. ”

Interest in starting a startup business

From what I have told you, I have been working with the industrial sector since I was still studying. Makes us see opportunities to expand our business.

on this side and saw the overall problem of the country’s industrial market. At that time, people who were doing Start up

In terms of Manufacturing Tech, there is very little, including what we think of developing as the part that we believe will help raise the level.

Industry and production of the country can be improved. By using data to drive the production process.

“ Experiences while studying at KMUTT Whether it’s studying or doing various projects.

Everything is used in real working life.

It’s like the various parts that come together.

during real working life”

The beginning of iCube Co., Ltd.

The beginning of iCube began with the gathering of people in the Lab of KMUTT, Process Automation Laboratory.

Since the time we were still studying, actually in the first part we tried to come up with a concept that we wanted to do. and really try giving it to the factory

Review: At this stage it took us about 6 months to have a platform for what we would do.

that really answers the factory’s needs By iCube Company, we create a data management platform for

industrial plant that will reduce redundant work of employees In terms of filling out information,

data management and displaying information is easy Resulting in a seamless data connection

(Data Automation) 

Great opportunity to be a Speaker for Microsoft.

Actually, before becoming a Speaker for Microsoft, working in the Digital Manufacturing field at Microsoft.

Have met us at Microsoft Azure competitions before and had the opportunity to present the products we make.

Makes us see the potential to expand our business. Manufacturing with Microsoft

After the event, we continued our partnership with Microsoft and had many projects we worked on together.

Projects with industry (Microsoft customers) have given us a level of confidence in us.

It is a small company but the quality of work is not inferior to large companies. It is the source that makes the iCube company.

Invited to be a speaker at Microsoft events and other events in the future.

Future business goals

The main business goals of the company is to bring the company to the stock exchange

and must have sustainable growth and platform development goals

We want to see a Thai platform. that is developed efficiently and is accepted by other countries

We mainly focus on quality and service.

“Growing like a startup but sustainably like SMEs”

Promotion or support in doing business after graduating from KMUTT.

Studying at KMUTT for me has a lot to do with: You can almost say that there is an iCube company.

Because of the knowledge and opportunities received from the university and the experiences gained for working with

industrial sector while still studying Everything can be applied.

Since the company opened until now There is also indirect support from various incubators.

To do business from KX and Tech Bite, KMUTT’s network.

Perspectives on good startups

A good startup has the qualities that I think are most important. It is a team that is ready to fight together, patient / learning / adapting all the time.

And I want you to think that being a Start up doesn’t have to grow very fast. But I want you to think along with sustainable growth.

Grow like a startup, be stable like an SME.

“ A good team is the secret to starting a business. START UP ”

“ A good team will make the business work. ”

I would like to give a message to young students or anyone who is interested in Start up.

A message to young students who are interested in Startup. If you have an idea and have a team that you think is ready to go together.

No matter what problems arise Ready to fix and improve yourself all the time. I think everyone can come and try it.

The more you haven’t finished studying, the better. How many times can we fall?