The magic of music and the in-depth process, SCIUS KMUTT Edition

I believe that “listening to music” is probably one of the activities that many people like and probably already know the benefits of listening to music. Whether it helps us relieve stress Helps us to be in a good mood Helps us concentrate Or even during times when we are upset or in a bad mood, if we observe carefully, music will help us to be in a good mood and reduce our irritability.

When that happens Sound or music is therefore of primary importance. That will affect our mood and concentration. Because in today’s society We spend most of our time working. Whether at the office or at home We therefore need an environment that is ready to focus on work.

Today, I would like to invite you to meet the young people. who are interested in music, Cardamom, Bink, Winwin, all 3 are studying at the Science Classrooms in University-Affiliated School Project, KMUTT. Many of you may be familiar with this name. This school is a Darunsikkhalai Engineering-Science classroom project of King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi. By this project, the children Study the process in depth through hands-on actions. and supervised by brain experts This project will build a solid foundation. It is the starting point for increasing knowledge. and develop further with the Thai industry creatively and better than before.

From liking and being interested in songs that can recall memories for Alzheimer’s patients. Until it was developed into a project that “Sound can increase work efficiency.”

The origin of the project

All 3 students talked about the origins of doing this project. Which comes from observing and wondering why people in good moods Smiling face When working, people are more productive than people who are upset. A sullen expression This project was not caused by a problem. But it comes from expanding and supporting the enhancement of voice performance. From research on the study of the relationship between emotions and concentration of the Neuroscience Center for Research and Innovation (NX KMUTT). The students think that if there are sound variables involved, How will it affect emotional processing and concentration? Because our brain does not only have Input images or what the eyes can see, but we also receive Input from the environment around us. Always coming in

“When we smile and be cheerful, Our work efficiency will improve. So what we want is to make the sound an additional variable. to increase work efficiency.”

Highlights of the project that are different from tests on the internet

Most tests found on the internet serve one purpose, such as emotional tests. Concentration test That will help assess the level we are at. This depends on your judgment in applying it.

But the projects that the kids It will be more in-depth and specific. By using the test Frankel Trust with a camera installed to see movements on the face And during the test there will be music playing. with positive sound waves Such as sounds from nature such as ocean waves, waterfalls, birds and trees. and negative sound waves, such as traffic congestion The sound of people talking All of this, the kids Based on research that I have read about Our emotions affect our facial expressions and our brain processes them accordingly. For example, if we make an angry face, The brain processes that we are angry.

“Right now, research is using sound as a variable for mood and concentration. It is considered that there are still very few people doing it. We have to study even more. Find more comprehensive information.”

Things learned from taking the test

Divided into 2 parts, the first part is the person doing the test. With the strength of the test that is specific to the individual. Makes the results even more specific. It will make us aware and aware of our own emotions. Therefore, it can be applied to improve work efficiency. It also provides alternative information about the acoustic trends of the working environment.

The second part is that the children Learned from doing this project myself. In addition to the fun of actually doing it. It would be knowledge gained from studying the process in depth that would be beneficial to the project. They also learned from the experiences of real brain experts.

Taking this project forward in the future

The students believe that doing this project It will add knowledge that can be used for further development. or can be applied creatively such as implementing strategies Neuromarketing To be used with advertising media that can use sound and images to attract the attention of customers. To increase the opportunity to buy more, such as studying sound and images. Adding more interest in VR for the sake of realism. This is the next step for the kids. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the knowledge in this area even more. By studying the in-depth processes of the brain and use brain-specific equipment for more accurate and reliable results.

“There are still very few people doing this. Therefore, I would like to add knowledge in this area to support. It is another choice for Thai people.”

How will this project create an impact on society?

“First, there is an increase in knowledge in this area. To be used as a guideline to support decision making options for society. We have seen trends in the impact of noise from the environment. that will be a helper to increase good work efficiency And secondly to the industrial sector That is, this can be applied to Neuromarketing strategies. Subconscious marketing It is a study of brain behavior that uses neuroscience principles to help analyze consumer needs. Because when we get to know the mechanism of how the brain works It’s equal to that we will “Know your customers” more by bringing it forward to the real estate business. Can be used to find a good environment that is pleasant to live in and work in to meet the living needs of residents. Or even the general public can use it as an aid in deciding on a location to stay and a place.”

What kind of organization or company comes to help support and expand the project?

If you study brain mechanisms, you want to work with them. Neuroscience Center for Research and Innovation (NX) at the Institute of Learning of King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi Using a device that measures brain activity using electrical currents. There is adequate space and equipment for study and learning. And if there is equipment that can accurately measure results It will be an important factor in processing the variables better. The results will be accurate. and understand more

And another factor is knowledge about sound. The students want to cooperate with organizations that have knowledge and understanding about music and sound. Because right now the project lacks personnel with sound expertise. If an organization like the Faculty of Music specializes in music Or is it music therapy? Those who are close can come to help in supporting. Develop further and create results that better respond to society.

How does the school support this?

“School is like an intermediary that gives us the opportunity to work with expert researchers. Emotional aspect of concentration Moreover, during project work, we discussed work, asked for advice, and practiced using real tools. that the research team uses to work with the brain The fact that we get to do it and learn from direct experience. It is like an inspiration for us to want to learn more. Also thanks to the school for their support. and really encourage us to do this project.”

Teachers : Children will have advisors who are teachers in school. and university professors To give advice on work The professors from the NX KMUTT research unit will be in the Brain Unit research group of King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi. It’s called the Neuroscience Center for Research and Innovation (NX). This institute has been planned by the university for a period of 10 years, sending brain researchers to study further. Currently, the research group of the university’s brain unit There are 4-5 researchers in total, and some professors work in the Neuroscience Association of Thailand.

The university works in collaboration with hospital organizations such as King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Chulabhorn Royal College. Because the hospital has a tool called MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) that can scan the brain deeper than EEG (Electroencephalogram). In the past, we have sent students to try out the MRI equipment because we have a subject in this area. Therefore, in addition to the institute Hospitals also play an important role in supporting We are researchers, not doctors. If you want to understand the brain even more Therefore, we must work together with many parties. Therefore, the NX KMUTT research group will work with 2-3 hospitals, with medical professors coming to help in this research group as well. The professor believes that in the next 5-10 years, this research lab will become even more well-known. and in the children’s project section It’s not even at the hospital yet. Because we do it in the basic scope of what we do with computers. If you have completed this step, So it will move to a more in-depth level.

“Education is a mechanism. It is an important tool that affects the needs of society. That children have a basic body of knowledge that answers the world’s needs in the future Skills that enable them to find work, work, and create new innovations Of course, the academic curriculum is an important part of helping prepare them. In addition to having expert teachers for children to learn from real experiences. The fact that we have partners with the organization Institutions that are ready to meet standards Transferring subjects and experiences of people in the business world Institutions that actually do the work will help support it. Promote students’ potential to be well prepared for future work.”