The University Seal

The University Sealis modeled after the Royal Seal of King Rama IV. In the middle of the seal is the Great Royal Crown which represents his original name, Mongkut, which means a crown in Thai. The crown is a royal ornament which is one of the insignias of kingship. On both sides of the crown are the 9-tiered state umbrellas. This emblem is surrounded by 2 circles, a bigger and a smaller ones. In between the lower parts of the two circles are Thai and English titles of the university. 

Corporate Identity (CI)

Corporate Identity(CI) contains 2 meanings;

Vision Mask

Vision Mark signifies the framing vision of sustainable cooperation of KMUTT society.


Word mark indicates KMUTT as an active and learning organization.

The Flower of the University The Flower of the University is Dhammaraksa which is a species of Bird of Paradise. It is the emblem of the university because this kind of flower was easily found in the area where the university was first established. The colors of the flower are in agreement with the colors of the university. Additionally, this flower has got an auspicious name for the students and personnel in terms of ethics since it is in agreement with the Buddhist precept namely, “Dhamma protects the righteous person.