Call for applications Thailand UMAP Micro Credential Program [Phase 2]

Call for applications

King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) is now launching “Strand B” of the Thailand UMAP Micro Credential pilot program, which aims to fulfill the needs of learners who seek to upskill and reskill, develop needed specific competencies, or pursue lifelong learning.

Strand A offers 3 Micro-Credentials (MC) as follows;

1. Micro Credential (MC): Industrial Web Application with Basic Database

  • Competency: Earners are able to create the industrial web-page that includes control data parameters, retrieve and store data with a basic database.
  • Key Method: Earners are able to create a dynamic web-page for any industry including control data parameters with JavaScript (JS), store and retrieve data by applying basic database knowledge including statement of data store and retrieve.

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2. Micro Credential (MC): Process abnormality detection with Value Stream Mapping (Lean Logistics)

  • Competency :Earners are able to detect process abnormalities such as a bottleneck or the eight wastes by using Value Stream Mapping (VSM) for process improvement.

Note: This is the first micro-credential in Lean logistics stack. It is encouraged that the micro-credentials in this stack are earned in sequence as each skill builds on the previous one in the stack.

  • Key Method: The earners are able to map a series of steps (e.g., a process) to provide the product(s) or service(s) according to customer requests and demands (e.g. a value stream) and to determine process abnormalities.

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3. Micro Credential (MC): Identifying Your Leadership Strengths

  • Competency: Earners identify and reflect their leadership strengths.
  • Key Method: Earners deepen their understanding of their leadership strengths and identify their leadership strengths by self-assessing.

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All students currently enrolled at UMAP member institutions are eligible to participate! The application process closes on July 15, 2022.  For more details, please visit: ( Students apply through: