A Semester Exchange Program at the University of Toronto with SEED Scholarship

You can apply for the Canada-ASEAN Scholarships and Educational Exchanges for Development (SEED). You can find information about the SEED on our scholarship page: https://www.educanada.ca/scholarships-bourses/can/institutions/asean-anase.aspx?lang=eng

Note: Nominated eligible students are required to complete their SEED application following the Global Affairs Canada Scholarship Application Process page on our website. Applicants are requested to 1) complete the intake form and 2) submit their supporting documents to inbound.exchange@utoronto.ca by March 7th, 2024 (ET)

Place: Canada

Period: Fall semester (August – December 2024)


We accept TOEFL (iBT), IELTS Academic and Duolingo English Tests only. We accept TOEFL computer-based, paper-based and Home Edition. We do not accept TOEFL MyBest Scores and “Institutional Testing Program” (ITP) scores or any other English proficiency tests or examinations for exchange.

The official language of instruction at U of T is English. Unless you meet the requirements for an English language test exemption listed below, you are required to submit your English test results. Please see below for the specific requirements.

Test scores must be valid at the time of U of T’s exchange application deadline. TOEFL, IELTS Academic, and Duolingo test scores are valid for two years from the date the test was taken.

Example: If you are applying for undergraduate exchange for the September 2024 or January 2025 academic terms, you must have a valid test score from April 1, 2022 or later as the application deadline is April 1, 2024.

Available Course:


Guideline Program: (Click)

Application Steps

STEP 1: Students fill in the application form.

-Consult your advisor about course registration. This is to make sure that the credits taken at the partner institutions can be accepted and transferred back to KMUTT.

-Submit Online Application Form , and prepare the following required documents.

  • Student photo
  • Courses plan to register at KMUTT partner institutions. The course plan form:  (https://kmutt.me/p8howSP)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Recommendation Letter from Academic Advisor
  • Recommendation Letter from Head of Department
  • An official transcript
  • English language proficiency test result
  • Medical Certificate
  • A copy of passport
  • Curriculum Vitae/ Resume

STEP 2 Nomination

-After checking the applications and making sure that each applicant is eligible, the International Affairs Office will contact each student’s Faculty /School and make sure that they are approved by their Faculty /School.

*IA Office will not be able to let applicants join the program without their Faculty /School’s approval.

STEP 3: Interview

IA Office will select, interview, and nominate successful candidates to the partner institutions for their final consideration.

STEP 4: Announcement of Interview results

IA Office will notify the interview result to successful applicants and their Faculty/School.

STEP 5: Pre-Departure Orientation

Once selected, successful candidates will attend a pre-departure orientation organized by the International Affairs Office. This orientation will provide essential information about the exchange program, the partner institution, cultural considerations, travel arrangements, and other relevant details to help students prepare for their time abroad.

STEP 6: Acceptance by Partner Institution

After the interview process, nominated candidates’ applications will be sent to the partner institutions for their final approval. The partner institution will review the applications and make the final decision on whether to accept the students for the exchange program.

STEP 7: Course Registration at Partner Institution

Once accepted by the partner institution, students must work closely with both the host institution and their home institution to ensure that the selected courses align with their academic goals.

STEP 8: Visa and Travel Arrangements

Students will be provided with guidance on visa requirements for the host country. They will also receive guidelines for making travel arrangements, including information on accommodation options, transportation, and other logistical details.

STEP 9: Document Submission

As the departure date approaches, students must submit the required documents to the International Affairs Office. This ensures that all necessary paperwork is in order and facilitates a smooth departure for the exchange program.

STEP 10: Exchange Period

During the exchange period, students are expected to engage in academic activities, cultural experiences, and contribute positively to the international community at the host institution.

STEP 11: Post-Exchange Evaluation

Upon completion of the exchange program, students will be required to provide feedback and evaluation of their experience. This information is valuable for improving future exchange programs and supporting other students who may participate in similar opportunities.

STEP 12: Transcript and Recognition

After successfully completing the exchange program, students will receive transcripts from the partner institution, and they will proceed with the next step in the credit transfer process.

Important Dates

Due date of application submission to IA: Monday 19 February 2024 before 12.00 hrs. (noon)

Interview Date: Tuesday 27 February 2024 (Afternoon Session)

Contact details

Mr. Nontanan

International Affairs Office (IA), KMUTT

The 2nd Floor., The Office of President Building

126 Pracha Uthit Rd., Bang Mod, Thung Khru, Bangkok, 10140 THAILAND.

Email: nontanan.rua@kmutt.ac.th

Tel. (66) 2470 8423Fax. (66) 2470 8346

Website: https://www.kmutt.ac.th/internationalization

Students have a responsibility to carefully learn more details including complete and prepare all required documents by themselves.

Note: Please take into account that the exchange program can be postponed or canceled based on the COVID 19 pandemic situation and host universities’ consideration.