Working Adult Education (WAE)

As an effort to promote education for working adults or Working Adult Education (WAE), KMUTT has designed a number of projects which incorporate a variety of teaching and learning activities to help develop professional skills for working adult students learners. At the end of the courses, they will be able to directly apply the learned knowledge and skills for work and acquire appropriate essential skills for their career development. Take for instance, Constructionism-based project for working adults (C-WAE), a customized project under Constructionism Theory.

C-WAE Program based on Constructionism

King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi has been working on human resources development in several production sectors beginning in B.E.2000 by working closely with many industrial sectors, and initiated a Human Resources Development Program based on Constructionism.


C-WAE is the term used to describe Constructionism-Based Learning Approach designed for mid-career working adults to develop their skills and professional abilities. C-WAE is small-group and customised program designed to serve the needs and gaps of professionals of individual industrial sectors such as petrochemical, agri-food business, and packaging.

Since 2000, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi has adopted this learning approach and worked hand-in-hand with the human resources of major companies in Thailand to design and run the professional development programs to develop skills as well as to increase company productivity.
C-WAE combines methodologies to leaming such as problem-based learning to develop both hard skills and soft skis essential for effective professional development and career advancement There are over 600 professional Doce Dr Thailand under C-WAE programs and the number is expected to increase each your
Accompanied by the sustainability and growth of C-WAE projects. It is the acceptance and reputation that the academic Qualifications of the alumnus on both occupational and leadership Solis wore beyond expectations.

Skills developed by C-WAE

Analytical thinking, computer skills, analytical & problem solving skills, self-knowledge management, systemic thinking skills, creative thinking, leadership of learning, presentation and communication skills and basic engineering knowledge, etc.

Constructionism-base project for working adult education (C-WAE)


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