KMUTT Research Funding

KMUTT Research Funding

FundingInformation about *funding* for staff of KMUTT.

Internal Research Fund

KMUTT Research Fund

It is an internal research fund granted annually by KMUTT to support young researchers who have never received any research grants. Intended as a starting grant, the fund will help them to develop large scale projects afterwards. Baht 150,000 is funded for each project per year, which can continue for no more than 2 years.

Research Support

1Funding for Publishing Academic Works (Wor Jor 1)

KMUTT offers the research fund to encourage its staff to enhance knowledge and experience in publishing the academic work. The supports for publishing the work in the international journals is the actual amount being paid or not more than Baht 50,000 per person per academic year.

To exchange knowledge and create international network, KMUTT also provides supports for the staff attending international conferences for the actual amount being paid or not more than Baht 30,000 for the conference in Asia or Baht 50,000 held outside Asia per person per fiscal year.

2Invention Support Grant (Wor Jor 3)

To promote and encourage the talented to publicize their work which leads to the academic excellence,the inventor will receive a compensation of 20% of the cash award from the competition per invention, but not more than Baht 20,000 from the university.

3English Proofreading Fund for International Journal Publication

The aim of this fundis to improve the academic works of KMUTT to be at the international level. Scholarship recipients can find English language experts themselves or may request the university to provide one for them. English Proofreading Fund for International JournalPublication can be requested throughout the fiscal year. The staff will receive this fund for the amount actually paid or not more than 5,000 Baht per person per fiscal year, and can receive twice a year.

Research Promotion Funds

1) Postdoctoral Fellowship

KMUTT acts as an incubator for the new generation of Thai and foreign researchers through itsPost-doctoral Fellowship program. The fellowship will help develop post-doctoral researchers’ in-depth research skills, strengthen research laboratories or research clusters in the university, increase the quantity and improve the quality of the research in the fields on which it focuses, and support the university internationalization mission.

2Visiting Professorand Distinguished Visiting Professor

The university invites foreign professorsor international experts to impart and exchange knowledge and experience at KMUTT for a specified period of time. The objectives are to:

  1. increase the diversity and international development of teaching and research;
  2. create academic network and partnership with foreign professors;
  3. pursue/actively promoted new advanced knowledge;
  4. offer students opportunity to study with foreign professor;
  5. provide staff with the opportunity to conduct research and publish with foreign co-author; and
  6. increase collaborative research program to strengthenthe university research capabilities continuously.

3Skill Development Grant

This is a project to support KMUTT academic staff to develop their research skill with the experts abroadunder the strategic research themes of the university. They will learn necessary technology or required expertise not available in the country. Then, they will return to develop the research to achieve the university goal and academic excellence.

4) KMUTT Central Research Equipment

KMUTT allocates Baht 20 million for central research equipment. Of the total, Baht 5-10 million is specifically spent on large research equipment which will be shared among various departments so that it will render high impact results. Each central research equipment whichis available for researchers and students from every department to use will be under responsibility of a designated office.

External Research Fund

1)  Government Budget Grant

This grant is annually allocated for the agencies in the science, research and innovation systemto support fundamental research that will promote the development of researchers and strengthen the research, including the administrationof research and the knowledge of the research unit of the organization so as to meet the country needs.

2) Research Grants from Program Management Unit 

Program Management Unit (PMU) has been an important mechanism for managing research budget in science, research and innovation in Thailand since B.E.2563 (A.D.2019). 7 PMUs are as follows:

  1. National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT)
  2. National Innovation Agency (NIA)
  3. Agricultural Research Development Agency (Public Organization) or ARDA
  4. Health Systems Research Institute (HSRI)
  5. PMU “A” (Area– based)
  6. PMU “B” (Brain Power and Manpower)
  7. PMU “C” (Competitiveness)

3) International Research Funds e.g. ASAHI Glass Foundation, UNESCO, SIDA, Newton Fund

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