ASEAN Celebration Day at KMUTT: Unity in Diversity!

The International Affairs Office at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) proudly organized the ASEAN Celebration Day on August 28, 2023, marking the 56th Anniversary of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). This event not only marks a significant regional milestone but also celebrates the diversity and unity that define the ASEAN spirit.

With a commitment to fostering international ties, KMUTT hosts a diverse community of students from around the ASEAN region. Currently, the university accommodates 324 full-time students from 8 countries. This multicultural environment has created a thriving academic community that promotes global understanding and cooperation.

The ASEAN Celebration Day was a manifestation of KMUTT’s dedication to celebrating diversity and unity. The event not only honored the historical significance of the ASEAN’s 56th Anniversary but also served as an opportunity to raise awareness about the ASEAN spirit that unites nations across Southeast Asia.

The morning session featured a parade. Students adorned in their national costumes proudly represented their countries. More than just clothing, these costumes symbolize the beauty and unity of our diverse region. Each attire stands as a visual representation of our shared identity.

In the afternoon, students had the opportunity to engage with the essence of ASEAN cultures by trying on national costumes.

The ASEAN Celebration Day at KMUTT successfully brought together students to the spirit of ASEAN. Through parades, costume showcases, and interactive experiences.