School/ Faculty

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Industrial Education and Technology


Faculty of Science

School of Liberal Arts

School of Information Technology

  • Bachelor’s Degree
    • Information Technology
    • Computer Science (English Program)
    • Digital Service Innovation
  • Master’s Degree
    • Information Technology
    • Software Engineering for Data Science
    • Computer Science
  • Master’s Degree
    • Digital Business Information System (M.Sc.DBIS)
  • Doctorate
    • Information Technology
    • Computer Science

School of Bioresources and Technology

School of Architecture and Design

Graduate School of Management and Innovation

Institute of FIeld RoBOtics

  • Bachelor of Engineering course Engineering, robotics and automation
  • Master of Engineering Program Areas of robotics and automation
  • Technopreneurship (TEP)
  • Doctor of Philosophy Areas of robotics and automation