Alumni Network

Alumni Network

Alumni Group

Keeping in touch with the University and your fellow alumni, our “Mod Group(s) - the alumni group(s) - has fostered the spirit of KMUTT and brought alumni closer together.

Together, we are developing and enhancing reputation of our beloved KMUTT to be the leading “Science and Technology Institute” of Thailand with global standards.

Joining the alumni group? Contact below.

Head Group

'Mod Nuar' – Northern Alumni Group

Mr. Chaivat Chareansrithong (Civil #18)

Home Address: 56, Petcharat Road, Nai Mueng District, Mueng District, Phetchabun Province 67000

Phone: (+66) 81-532-4114


'Mod E-Sarn' – Northeastern Alumni Group

Mr. Chokechai Khunwasi (Mechanic #20)

Company: Toyota Kaennakorn Company Limited.

Address: 359/888, Moo 17, Mittraphap Road (Frontage Road), Nai Mueng Subdistrict, Mueng District, Kon Kean Province 40000

Home Address: Moo 17, Khok Si Subdistrict, Mueng District, Konkean Province 40000

Phone: (+66) 81-871-3999


'Mod Taai' – Southern Alumni Group

Mr. Sataaphorn Rojanahasdin (Civil #13)

Home Address: 50/15, Uwanno Building, Petchkasem Road, Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province 90110

Phone: (+66) 81-676-4994


'Mod Tawan Ork' – Eastern Alumni Group

Mr. Somros Kaewmongkol (Mechanic #29)

Company: PTT Public Company Limited

Home Address: 39/2, Hin Pak Subdistrict, Ban Mi District, Lopburi Province 15110

Phone: (+66) 81-174-8552


'Mod Tawan Tok' – Western Alumni Group

Mr. Chuchai Charoenngam (Mechanic #8)

Company: Banpong Engineering Co.,Ltd.

21/1 Moo.1 Huapho-Bansing rd., Huapho, Bangphae, Ratchaburi 70160

Phone: (+66) 32-383-171-2, Fax: (+66) 32-383-170



Home Address: 21/1 Moo.1 Huapho-Bansing rd., Huapho subdistrict, Bangphae district, Ratchaburi 70160

Phone: (+66) 89-777-7959, (+66) 84-915-1965


Alumni Relations

Phone : +66 2470 8094,+66 2470 8254

Email :

Facebook : Alumni Relations KMUTT

Youtube : University Relations Office KMUTT

Line Official : @uro.kmutt