Q&A Consortium

Q & A during the meeting on April 28, 2017

Q : The existing customer payment : the former subscription has started, how will Elsevier refund?

A : Existing customer will get credit note with pro-rated from Elsevier and can spend this credit note for their consortium payment.


Q :  Can TCI provide documents for universities procurement since the existing customers have already processed the annual procurement and they cannot do it twice annually?

A : TCI will send out invitation letters to each university advising the benefits they will get from the Consortium. Each university can use this letter as a document for a consortium procurement.


Q : Can each university ask for individual training as described by Derrick? If not, can they pay for this training for their graduate students?

A : Elsevier will provide twice training annually for this consortium. Extra training will have to be further considered.


Q : Are Topics for training, presented by Derrick, suitable?

A : As of today, it is alright but need to consider more.


Q : At which grade points to pass the training?

A : 80%


Q : Supposed that the university cannot make payment in 60 days, what should they do?

A : In that case, please contact and advise Mr.Lim Wee Li directly.


Q : In which language will the training be?

A : Usually, the training will be in English but for the new customer, Elsevier will provide Thai trainer and will set up training in May in order to prepare university staff for Scopus services.


Q : Do the existing customers need to inform Elsevier to terminate the existing contract?

A : No. The new sales agreement will supersede the existing one.


Q : Will Elsevier be able to provide 2 quotations? 1 for current subscription and the other for consortium pricing.

A : WeeLi will check and get back.