Dr. Nongyao Sripromsuk and Assoc.Prof. Teerasak Markpin gave advice to additional 5 Editors on how to improve their journals for Scopus indexing

According to the jointly pilot project among TCI, TRF, and Scopus on “Proactive training and mentoring program for promoting high potential Thai journals to Scopus database”, announced on March 14, 2017, Prof Dr. Narongrit Sombatsompop went to Singapore, carrying with him 15 Thai journals, to unofficially meet with the Scopus team regarding the Thai journal quality. He received many valuable advice and suggestions for journal quality improvement from the Scopus team and organized the first meeting with the 15 Editors on April 3, 2017.

However, there were other Thai Editors who could not attend the meeting on April 3, 2017 regarding the journal quality improvement for possible indexing in the Scopus. Therefore on Friday 7th of April, 2017, TCI, led by Dr. Nongyao Sripromsuk, the Assistant to the TCI Head and Assoc.Prof. Teerasak Markpin organized a meeting for 5 Editors and editorial team on how to improve their journals to meet with the Scopus criteria, as well as informed them the advice and suggestions made by the Scopus team. The Editors agreed to improve their journals to meet with the Scopus standards.

Pictures of activities