Virtual Student Exchange Program at Tarlac Agricultural University, Philippines

Registration Deadline: 27 December 2021

Program Period: January-June 2022

Available Programs:

  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Information Technology
  • Computer


  • Must be an undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled at KMUTT
  • Must be approved and recommended by advisor to enroll in the program
  • Must be able to attend throughout the whole program

Application Steps

STEP 1: Students fill in the application form.

-Consult your advisor about course registration. This is to make sure that the credits taken at the partner institutions can be accepted and transferred back to KMUTT.

-Submit Online Application Form, and prepare the following required documents.

  • Student photo
  • Courses plan to register at KMUTT partner institutions. The course plan form:
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Recommendation Letter from Academic Advisor
  • Recommendation Letter from Head of Department
  • An official transcript
  • English language proficiency test result
  • Curriculum Vitae/ Resume

STEP 2 Nomination

-After checking the applications and making sure that each applicant is eligible, the International Affairs Office will contact each student’s Faculty /School and make sure that they are approved by their Faculty /School.

*IA Office will not be able to let applicants join the program without their Faculty / School’s approval.

STEP 3: Interview

IA Office will select, interview, and nominate successful candidates to the partner institutions for their final consideration.

STEP 4: Announcement of Interview results

IA Office will notify the interview result to the successful applicants and their Faculty/ School.

Important Dates

Due date of application submission to IA: Monday 27 December 2021 before 12.00 hrs. (noon)

By applying to the program, the International Affairs Office holds the right to assume that you have read the agreement and are willing to comply according to the terms and conditions of the program as written.

Students must apply to this program through the International Affairs Office only to be eligible

The International Affairs Office reserve the right to make any changes to the terms and conditions of the program without informing participants in advance.