On 15-25 May 2018, Science Technology and Innovation Policy Institute (STIPI)/KMUTT organised the 2-week STI Strategy and Capacity Development at the Knowledge Exchange (KX) Building, KMUTT, Bangkok, Thailand.

This Workshop is a part of the Initiative to Establish an ASEAN Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship Platform. The main objectives of this workshop were to articulate the demand of strategic industry sectors and to design of national and industry strategies to be appropriated to the local context of Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar. With the cooperations of government of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Indonesia participants of the workshop were representatives of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Indonesia who have involved in STI policy and planning. Thai researchers from National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office (STI) and STIPI also attended this Workshop.

This workshop provided lectures made by 2 distinguished experts: Prof.Charles Edquist, Lund University of Sweden and Prof.Richard Donner, Emory University of USA. The Workshop focused on on-the-job training in delegates of Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar and expert consultation to all participants.

During the workshop, experiences were shared among participants with respect to the design of national industry strategies in each country. Cambodia representative focused on smart farming solution industry. For Lao PDR, represent targeted on the organic food industry.The representative of Myanmar emphasized the food ingredient industry.

Workshop Materials