TCI and TRF jointly organized a discussion forum on “Possibility of setting up a Thai University Consortium for Scopus Subscription”

On Tuesday 24th of January, 2017, Thai-Journal Citation Index (TCI) Centre (TCI) and Thailand Research Fund (TRF) jointly organized a discussion forum at the Sanya Thammasak Conference Room, Thammasat University, to seek opinion on possibility in setting up the Thai University Consortium for Scopus Subscription with partly funding from TRF. There were 35 participants who were library directors from 26 university libraries around Thailand attended the meeting. The 26 university libraries were the mixer of existing Scopus subscription and the new comers. Setting up the consortium for Scopus subscription would benefit both the universities and the country in that :

  1. Reducing the subscription rate for both the existing libraries that already subscribed to Scopus and the new comers. In addition, the TRF would provide partly financial support for the subscription.
  2. Receiving training course and workshop for editors, authors and librarians, from Scopus on how to use the database, the metrics, research performance evaluation, and other products which will benefit the research activities of the country.
  3. Providing platform and opportunities for staff of university members to meet, share ideas and experiences on how to use Scopus and other databases which will then lead to academic and research collaboration among the member universities.

The meeting agreed in the setting up of the Thai University Consortium for Scopus Subscription to be led by TCI and TRF. In addition, TRF agreed to provide partly funding for the Scopus subscription for 3 consecutive years.

Pictures of activities