Laboratory and Equipments

1. Chemical Laboratory EN4504


2. Material Fabrication and Testing Laboratory EN4505


3. Materials Characterization Laboratory EN4506


Fume hood
EN4504 (R&D Building)
For carrying out chemical reaction . image1
Schlenk line
EN4504 (R&D Building)
For carrying out chemical reactions under oxygen free and anhydrous conditions. image2
EN4504 (R&D Building)
Separation of chemicals based on gravity force. IMG_0177
Thermostat waterbath
EN4504 (R&D Building)
Temperature controller. IMG_0175
EN4504 (R&D Building)
Analytical balance 4 disits. Picture1
EN4504 (R&D Building)
For drying samples. IMG_0183
Vacuum oven
EN4504 (R&D Building)
For drying samples under reduced pressure. IMG_0179
Rortary evaporator
EN4504 (R&D Building)
For removal of solvents from samples by evaporation. IMG_0181
EN4503 (R&D Building)
To manipulate objects under an insert atmosphere. Picture2
pH meter
EN4504 (R&D Building)
For measuring the pH value of solution. Picture3
Water still
EN4504 (R&D Building)
For distilling water. Picture4
Vacuum pump
EN4504 (R&D Building)
For connection with a vacuum oven.
Universal testing machine
EN4504 (R&D Building)
For testing the tensile properties of polymers. IMG_0196
Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer (FTIR)
EN4505 (R&D Building)
For recording infrared spectrum of solid materials. IMG_0222
Vacuum gauge
EN4504 (R&D Building)
To measure pressure in a vacuum system. Picture6
Scanning electron microscope (SEM)
(Energy Faculty)
For examining morphology and microstructure of materials. Picture8
X-ray diffractometer3
EN4301 (R&D Building)
For recording x-ray diffraction patterns of crystals and nanocomposite materials. Picture9
Two-roll mill
EN3409 (Energy Faculty)
For compounding of rubbers and plastics. Picture10
Hydraulic compression mold
EN3409 (Energy Faculty)
For fabricaton of polymer sheets. Picture11
Twin screw extruder (Haake)
EN3409 (Energy Faculty)
For polymer compounding Picture12
Gravimetry Analysis (TGA)
EN4506 (R&D Building)
For determination thermal behaviors and thermal stability of materials IMAG1574
ElectrospinningEN4504 (R&D Building) For fabrication of nanofibers IMAG1338
Spin coater EN4504 (R&D Building) For coating of active layer/film on a substrate IMAG1578
UV-Visible Spectrometer EN4506 (R&D Building) For a measurement of UV/vis absorbance of chemicals
Thermal evaporator EN4505 Used for coating of metal electrode for fabrication of solar cell
Sputtering machine EN4505
HPLC EN4506 for separation and analysis of chemicals
Tube furnace EN4505 for calcination of metal oxides
Internai mixer
EN3409 (Energy Faculty)
For mixing polymer and additive