Research Topics :

 The offered program concentrates on preparing students to have experiences and abilities in being good researchers and responsible for research projects. The program gives students opportunities to participate in researches and developments based on each individual interest under supervision of faculties experienced and specialized in various areas .
Our program offers a lot of projects that have been published in well-known papers and journals, both domestic and international. Some of these projects also received awards on their innovative and excellent ideas from various fields.

 Interesting fields of researches that we offer are:

  • Digital image and signal processing applications
  • High frequency switching power converter
  • Building automation
  • Microprocessor-based instrumentations
  • Advanced control theory and applications
  • Artificial intelligent system
  • VLSI, ASIC/FPGA design and applications
  • System-on-chip (SoC) design and applications
  • Data communication and telecommunication
  • Power system and power electronics
  • etc.
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