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Interim Head of Security & Vehicle Management Unit
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Security & Vehicle Management Unit
The security & vehicle management unit is the centre of protecting lives and assets with the university for 24 hours, managing traffic and vehicle parking areas, preventing accidents and fire, taking care of the radio communication, controlling a management system of cleaning, providing document, personnel, budget, and durable-article management, writing/revising an operation manual, reducing working steps, presenting a report on quality control and internal assessment, writing an annual report, providing vehicle services to the inside and outside of the university, and so on.

1. Security Management


- Provides an examination system and controls security staffs operation at all times.
- Cares for the safety of the universitys assets.
- Cares for vehicles within the university.
- Checks out people who enter and leave the university.
- Checks the report on the damage to the electricity and light.
- Prevents theft in the daytime and night-time.
- Searches for information on security and studies it to keep abreast of the news and improve a strategic security plan.

2. Traffic Control


- Organizes the traffic within the university to keep it in order and be right according to the international standard of security.
- Defines the details of the traffic management within the university to follow the universitys policies.
- Organizes vehicles which enter and leave the university including car parking.
- Controls and organizes parking areas for lecturers/officers, students, and outsiders under the universitys policies.
- Provides stickers for vehicles according to peoples use.

3. Preventing accidents and fire


- Prevents fire within the university.
- Checks the fire fighting system in all buildings plus prepares a plan of action for fighting the fire to build a skill in people who are in buildings in order to appropriately and efficiently solve facing fire problems.
- Improves cleaning water tanks used for fighting fire, and constantly check fire extinguishers.
- Checks fire extinguishing machines in order to have them at the ready.
- Checks equipment and tools used for preventing accidents to have them at the ready.

4. Radio Communication


- Provides handheld transceivers to staffs who work in security and traffic units within the university.
- Be the centre of controlling security and traffic operations within the university.

5. Controlling cleaning buildings


- Gives details of service employment such as cleaning buildings, looking after safety within buildings, and maintaining elevators, air conditioners, autotransformers, water pumps, water pumps for extinguishing fire, and electric typewriters plus gives and claims materials, equipments, and tools.
- Writes documents to respond to requests inside and outside the university.
- Prints out and revises service documents including printed matters.
- Follows up matters for building & ground division.
- Follows up what is proposed to the university executive in order to have it signed.
- Checks/controls daily cleaning.
- Checks/controls weekly cleaning.
- Checks/controls monthly cleaning.
- Checks/controls cleaning every three months.

- Writes a report to conclude operations.


- Controls daily cleaning.
- Controls weekly cleaning.
- Controls monthly cleaning.
- Controls cleaning every three months.
- Dispatches documents to the universitys departments/units.
- Photocopies, arranges, and binds documents.

Servicing and Cooperation

Document Management


- Receives and dispatches documents plus registration.
- Organizes and categorizes documents.
- Issues circular notices about, for example, inviting people to join a meeting, checking construction work, and cutting off power supply/water supply.
- Controls issuing documents of building and ground division.
- Sets issues of the vehicle unit.
- Assists people who come to contact our department, cooperates with internal and external units

6.2 Personnel Management


- Makes document files on university officials/staffs/employees history.
- Manages the employment screening, transferring, and resignation for university officials, staffs, and employees.
- Provides training projects and seminars.
- Screens candidates.
- Elects an interview committee and assessment committee.
- Hires casual workers.
- Finds employment.
- Assesses service operations to reward employees with promotion to higher-paid salary.
- Rewards employees with promotion to higher-paid posts.
- Pays the penalty for staffs mistake.
- Writes a report on the meeting of subcommittee of building and ground division.
- Writes a report on the meeting within building and ground division.
- Collects statistics.

6.3 Budget


- Exercises the control over the expense.
- Ask the budget approval from the university.
- Prepares evidence of giving and claiming, purchasing/employing each time.
- Provides a ledger.
- Provides the budget control registration.
- Puts the amount of expenses from the units administration budget, the universitys development budget, the amount of compensation of materials, and the amount about durable articles, lands, and constructions to the budget control account.
- Borrows money in advance, and makes the advanced payment clear.
- Gathers information about purchase and employment.
- Prepares bills for electricity supply and water supply for people who are provided services to send them to the finance division.
- Checks and controls durable-article registration.
- Prints out documents and forms relevant to tasks.

6.4 Supply Management


- Prepares a ledger about supplies.
- Records the purchase of materials for the maintenance of buildings.
- Transfers the material cost to units who come to request or borrow.
- Checks material supplies.
- Checks the number of materials according to purchase order every times.
- Asks the material cost from shops.
- Gathers information about the material cost.
- Maintains durable articles which remain to have them at ready.

7. Vehicle Management


- Provides vehicles to the universitys departments and student affairs.
- Controls the drivers operation process.
- Draws up a budget to procure materials and durable articles including the payment for fuel, maintenance of vehicles, and so on.
- Stores monthly statistics for the use of vehicles.
- Stores statistics for fire substances and lubricants.
- Takes care of cleaning, basically checks and maintains vehicles to have them at the ready.
- Examines the report on checking on vehicles.
- Engages in registering vehicles and their yearly insurance.
- Stores the maintenance history of vehicles (crucial repairs/regular checks at auto services) and assess the use of vehicles.

8. Maintenance


- Examines and analyzes the cause of the vehicle damage and machine damage which are informed.
- Estimates and procures maintenance materials for vehicles and machines including drawing up a budget.
- Controls the transfer of maintenance materials and equipments.
- Thoroughly checks on vehicles and machines which are already fixed to make sure that the vehicles are safe for use.

9. Station Master at Bangkhuntien campus


- Establish the work manual.
- Works at bus station of Bangkhuntien campus.
- Checks bus departure times over which the bus services operate between Bangkhuntien campus and Bangmod campus and between Bangkhuntien campus and Bangkok Code.
- Reports the problems and obstacles, and presents the solutions to the vehicle service committee.
- Works according to tasks assigned by building and ground division and Bangkhuntien office.